Madera County, California Disaster Restoration Services


Madera County, CA


ServiceMaster at Fresno is your local damage restoration expert in Madera County, California. Our founder, David Melin joined the ServiceMaster family in 2003 and has been committed to our community ever since. Our neighbors trust us in their time of need. We take that seriously because we know it’s a privilege to restore our community’s peace of mind when disaster strikes.


Commercial and Residential Floor Care Services

Flooring is a large investment. Protect it with professional floor care services. Our expert team has the tools and experience needed to give your carpets, tile and upholstery the care they need.


Carpets hold more dirt, debris and allergens than any other types of flooring. Our team has the equipment and experience needed to brighten up your carpets. We remove stains, odors and debris.


Tile flooring is commonly used in commercial buildings because of its durability. However, grout is porous and stains easily. Since mopping only removes surface level dirt and grime, our team uses specialized, high-powered equipment to extract deep set stains.


Upholstery on couches and chairs not only holds visible dirt and grime but also non-visible oils and skin cells. All fabric types have unique care needs. We have the experience to safely clean all of your favorite items. Leave it to us to take the guesswork out of upholstery cleaning.


Fire Damage Restoration

Recovering from a fire disaster is never easy. We know that your home or commercial building holds sentimental value. That’s why it’s important to contact us as soon as possible. Even after a fire is out, soot continues to damage your property. Our team of experts provides exceptional service while working directly with your insurance company. We help the entire restoration process run smoothly. Before we arrive, ensure your property’s safety by taking preventative measures. Open windows and doors to air out your property if the outside temperature is above 60 degrees. Avoid using any electrical appliances, fixtures or touching anything. Shut off your power to clean out your refrigerator, throwing away any open packages of food. When in doubt, leave your property and wait for the professionals to arrive.


Water Damage Mitigation

When a water disaster strikes, the source of the damage is not always easily identifiable. From leaky pipes to standing water, our team has the experience needed to locate the source and work efficiently to restore affected areas. We are certified to mitigate water damage, mold remediation and dehumidification. Once on-site, our team starts by extracting standing water. We have the equipment to remove grey and blackwater that are often filled with harmful bacteria. After that, we use commercial grade dehumidifiers to pull all of the moisture out of your property. We can also extract mold and work to prevent it in the future with applications of an antimicrobial.


ServiceMaster at Fresno provides all of the services above and more! Contact us any time day or night for emergency restoration services. Our team can be on-site within 2-4 hours of your call. The sooner you contact us, the more damage we can prevent.



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