ServiceMaster at Fresno technician bringing dehumidifiers for water damage restoration Water damage can be devastating. ServiceMaster at Fresno understands how difficult experiencing water damage can be, and we are always here to help. You can count on ServiceMaster at Fresno to restore your home or business after water damage. We have completed thousands of water damage restorations and our experienced team is standing by 24/7. Call now for a complete restoration from the best in the business.

When you have water damage, it is important to act quickly to extract the water and dry out space. Water spreads rapidly from the source and will take the easiest path it finds—often downward into lower floors or through porous materials such as wood and sheetrock. When water soaks into these materials, the water can even move upward and fully saturate them. Moist materials can warp, swell, become discolored, or otherwise become damaged. This damage worsens over time as these building materials remain wet. These moist conditions also provide an excellent environment for the development of a mold infestation.

Our team is not only highly experienced; they have also received extensive training and certification in water damage mitigation, mold remediation, and dehumidification, and they are equipped with the most effective equipment.

Start the restoration process today. Call ServiceMaster at Fresno for service you can count on.

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