Hotel fire damage restoration by ServiceMaster at Fresno ServiceMaster at Fresno understands that your house or office building is more than just a shell—they hold memories and belongings that matter. That is why our team of fire damage restoration experts is available 24/7. We begin the restoration process as soon as you call, minimizing damage and maximizing the chance of a full restoration for both the building and your belongings.

The restoration process starts when you call, whether that is 4 a.m. or 2 p.m. You are kept informed every step of the way with open communication from the staff always happy to answer your questions. The restoration is complete when you are completely satisfied. Our highly trained professionals are not only experienced in providing exceptional service and expert water damage restoration but also understand the insurance process and work directly with all insurance companies to minimize the hassle for you.

Fire damage often comes not from the fire directly, but from the soot and smoke that the fire produces. When soot coats a surface, it can trigger a chemical reaction that causes irreparable damage. The longer the soot remains, the greater the chance of damage. We know how best to treat various surfaces and materials for optimal cleaning and fire damage restoration. Our team is also equipped with powerful ozone machines that extract the soot from the air and remove the harsh lingering odors for a fresh, clean space.

Fire Safety: What to do After a House Fire