Commercial mold damage restorationMold can be one of the most dangerous and frustrating threats your business may deal with. Because mold contamination can potentially lead to serious health problems and structural issues, it’s important to completely stop its presence when discovered on your property. Left unaddressed and given a long enough time frame, mold spores can spread far from the initial source of entry in your building and require repeated cleanings to stem their growth.

To prevent commercial mold damage, ServiceMaster at Fresno is by your side. Using a proven systematic approach, our team of commercial mold damage experts identifies the source of the mold growth and completely eliminates the presence of mold from your entire working environment. We are fully equipped to assist you with the most comprehensive mold removal. Using the most advanced tools and time-tested processes, we’ll ensure the problem is fully taken care of so that you can return to a pre-loss state ASAP.

To help determine whether you need commercial mold damage restoration service, let’s take a look at the most common signs of mold damage, health and structural problems associated with mold growth, how to prevent mold growth, and how ServiceMaster at Fresno can provide the most effective professional mold damage services to restore your property.

What Are the Most Common Signs of Mold Damage?

Coming in a wide variety of forms, the presence of mold can be visually detected as black-, purple-, or orange-colored patches on surfaces. When mold settles in and begins to multiply, its spores can become airborne and travel throughout your property. In small quantities, mold spores are not harmful – however, when these mold spores find organic material that supports their growth, spores attach to the surface and begin to propagate.

As the quantity of these airborne spores increases, the likelihood that the fungus enters your body through your lungs increases. A serious mold invasion will dramatically affect the overall air quality and could eventually cause your employees or clients to become seriously ill. In severe cases, you may have to close your doors until the problem is resolved.

That being said, mold damage can be hidden and often goes undetected. If you have had any of the following issues recently, your business could be at risk for mold damage:

  • Discoloration or water stains on walls or ceilings
  • Flooding or water damage
  • Leaks in or around the building
  • Musty or damp-smelling odors in the building

Structural Mold Damage to Your Business Property

Mold growth has the capacity to cause massive structural damage to the materials they grow on throughout your property. Some of the most common areas to observe mold growth and infestation are:

  • Foundations
  • Roofs
  • Gutters
  • HVAC systems
  • Drywall
  • Fencing
  • Furnishings
  • And more

How to Prevent Mold Growth

  • Add exhaust fans to your cleaning equipment to speed up the drying process after using lots of water or liquid cleaners.
  • Instead of dusting or vacuuming, wipe down surfaces to pick up more mold spores.
  • Wipe up any condensation around poorly insulated doors and windows to prevent the start of mold from traveling along with the window frame or wallboards.
  • Cleaning products that use bleach or baking soda are effective ways to stop mold growth before it begins.
  • While it is important to mop, it’s important to understand that reusable mop heads can become traps for mold and may spread it through repeated uses. Therefore, thoroughly wash, sanitize, and dry mop heads between uses to prevent the buildup of mold between the strings of the mop.
  • Using a UV light can kill mold in an unoccupied room. However, be sure to not use it in a space where there are plants or animals.
  • Sanitize the gutters and drains inside and outside your property with an annual or seasonal treatment to minimize the amount of accumulated mold.

Our Mold Inspection & Removal Process

ServiceMaster at Fresno provides commercial mold damage removal services that are sure to get you back to normal in the shortest time frame possible. Including:

  • First, we assess the mold damage in and around your property.
  • Second, we’ll work directly with you to create a comprehensive mold remediation plan that addresses your needs for mold damage removal and any required restoration.
  • Next, we’ll begin work, keeping you informed of all necessary repairs and the progress of work every step of the way.
  • Once completed, we’ll provide a final walkthrough to inform you of the work completed, how to address potential mold hazards in the future, and answer any other questions you may have.

Trust the Experts at ServiceMaster at Fresno

If you suspect or are unsure if your business is contaminated by mold, ServiceMaster at Fresno is ready to help. We work with nationally recognized testing facilities to provide comprehensive mold inspection, laboratory analysis, and comprehensive remediation plans. With this attention to detail, we can identify and eliminate the source of what has caused the mold once and for all.

So, if you are ready to get rid of commercial mold damage once and for all, contact the commercial mold damage experts at ServiceMaster at Fresno for a prompt assessment, accurate quote today.