ServiceMaster at Fresno commercial carpet cleaning technician ServiceMaster at Fresno brings the best in professional commercial carpet cleaning to your office or business facility. When customers and guests enter your building, the carpet is one of the first things they will see. A clean carpet gives a great first impression.

Our skilled business carpet cleaning technicians use the latest techniques and environmentally friendly cleaning products to provide deep cleaning and preserve the carpet’s appearance. Extra attention is given to high traffic areas and spaces you want to show off to visitors—from entryways to meeting rooms. Whatever schedule fits your needs the most, whether an annual cleaning or more frequent maintenance cleanings, we always deliver exceptional carpet cleaning for your business facility.

The benefits of regular commercial carpet care from ServiceMaster at Fresno:

  • A healthy facility is a clean facility. Regular carpet cleaning means a cleaner, healthier environment for your team.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products free of perfumes and VOCs have minimal impact on the environment and provide a healthier clean. Our Green For® products are certified as environmentally friendly.
  • Hot water extraction cleanings allow your carpets to dry rapidly with minimal interruption. Performed regularly, these maintenance cleanings keep your carpets looking fresh day-to-day, so only one annual deep cleaning is needed to fully clean and restore the carpet fibers to preserve the carpet’s longevity.